How We're Different

  • Mature cybersecurity & technical audit resources who aren't blindly checking boxes and asking dumb questions

  • CPA involvement throughout the process for direct access when you need it--you will know who's signing your SOC 2 Report

  • Flexible to your business' unique resources, stage, industry, risk, and customer demands

  • Sensitive to the burden and drain an audit can be on staff and day-to-day operations by being highly efficient and streamlining communication

  • High-value SOC 2 Report to satisfy your customers, but also cause you to sleep better at night knowing your business is verifying security

Take the Next Step...

If you're not quite ready for your SOC 2 audit

Here's how we can help get you there

  • Readiness

    SOC 2 Readiness to identify gaps standing in the way of getting your Report

  • Remediation

    SOC 2 expert advisory so you don't over- or under-remediate the gaps

  • Strategy

    Overall cybersecurity strategy, and how SOC 2 fits into that

SOC 2 Audit Assistance

If you've already selected another CPA firm to do your SOC 2 audit, why not protect that investment by enlisting the expertise of a cybersecurity auditor to walk it with you? We can help you:

  1. Navigate the in's and out's of the audit
  2. Reduce audit burden on your resources and day-to-day operations
  3. Gain confidence that what's being submitted will pass
  4. Know when you can push back on the auditors
  5. Craft alternative evidences that can satisfy the request
  6. Discuss failures in realtime without jeopardizing your SOC 2 Report
  7. Leverage the nuances of SOC 2 to avoid or minimize exception impacts