No matter the budget, every company should have high quality, top notch vCISO (Cybersecurity, SOC 2, Compliance, Risk) expertise -- 


Options to keep your company protected...

  • You Can Hire Staff

    A full-time CISO will cost you $250K annual salary minimum, and this doesn't count the team they'll need.

  • You Can Hire Consultants

    Count in tens-of-thousands of dollars you will spend for projects that hopefully meet your expectations.

  • You Can Do It Yourself

    While you may have time and skillset to get done some of what needs to be done, do you really have time to learn and do a whole other job?

Take A Blended vCISO Approach

1) Get done what you have time and capability to do.

2) Have a strategic guide and safety net with deep Cybersecurity, SOC 2, Compliance, Risk expertise.

3) Have on-demand advisory help at your fingertips ready.


You can use the vCISO time for Cybersecurity, SOC 2, Compliance, Risk, Privacy, GRC, Policies, Audits, Regulators, Metrics, Incident Response, Vendor or Supplier Risk, etc. You are not limited in what you need to get done, and how we can help you from advisory to accountability to coaching to hands-on, or any combination.


You are the expert in your business and we are the expert in Cybersecurity, SOC 2, Compliance, Risk, etc. We join forces with you in mutual respect to create your best result. We listen and respond, not dictate.


Whether you're a growing or established company, a small or larger relationship, the level of expertise is the same. You don't get shortchanged with junior talent just because you don't have endless funds.


We don't force you into doing it our way and on our terms. You get to choose how much you need, adjust it as your business grows, and be in control of how it's used and what it accomplishes. We're not going to coerce you into spending you don't need.


We don't play games where we're the expert, know everything, and you know nothing. We work with you in transparency to steer you in what you may not know, and how to best, creatively if need be, achieve that end for your business.


We don't operate that you have to be, or do as it's always been. We are flexible to help you achieve what you see as priority that adds the most value to your business, in your timeframe and pace, and at your budget. You get to be you on your individualized path.


We are straightforward in what we provide and how we work with our clients. It's your party so you get to choose the 1) availability you want, 2) level of support you want, 3) objectives you want to achieve, and 4) schedule it how you want.

We Help You

Not an exhaustive list, but these are listed here to get you thinking the incredible Cybersecurity, SOC 2, Compliance, and Risk value you can infuse into yourself and your company without overpaying for things you don't need or trying to do everything all at once.

  • SOC 2 Readiness + Remediation + Audit

  • Cybersecurity + Data Protection (PHI, PII) + Frameworks (NIST CSF, HITRUST CSF, ISO 27001)

  • Risk Assessments (Enterprise, IT, Security) + Risk Management + Risk Register + Treatment

  • Compliance (SOC 2, HITRUST, HIPAA, FFIEC, PCI DSS) + Auditor Support + Regulator Support

  • Privacy (SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA)

  • GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) + Tools + Automation

  • Incident Response + Breach Support

  • Vendor/ Supplier Risk + Security Questionnaires

  • Policies + Processes + Best Practice + Exceptions

  • Business Continuity (BCP) + Business Impact Analysis (BIA) + Disaster Recovery (DR) + Tabletops

Be Your Company's Cybersecurity, SOC 2, Compliance, Risk Champion

This stuff isn't going away. Delaying it isn't helping your company either. Hitting it head on, taking charge over it is the way to go. Set up your Free Planning Call so we can discuss a strategy and get this going for you!

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